Referral points rewards program

The ultimate goal of Himiway is always to provide customers with better riding gears and lead a sustainable and eco-friendly life. So when you create an account, you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program that will earn you points, which can transfer to coupons, for future orders. Create your Himi Points account and see all of the ways to earn points towards your next ebike.

Himiway points

Earn points when you complete activities

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Redeem points for rewards from Himiway

Order discount

100 Himi Points = €1

himiway bike referral campaign

Give your friends €60 off. When your friends buy a Himiway bike from your invite link,you get €60 off!

give €60, get €60

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Himiway Discount FAQ

Himi point is specially designed by Himiway for offering more profits for users, which can be used to redeem discount and coupon to buy our cost-effective E-bikes with less money.

Here are a few ways to enjoy the Himiway discount:

1. Earn Himi point

2. Attend Himiway Referral campaign

3. Find coupon code on coupon sites like

4.Celebrate with us on holidays like Black Friday, Christmas

5. Follow us on Newsletter so that you can got the latest campaign news

After redeem your Himi points, you will get a discount code. If you forget to copy the discount code, it won't bother you cause the discount code will be automatically sent to your registered email.

1. Log in your Himiway account

2. Click "Ways to redeem

3. Redeem your Himi points

4. Choose how many Himi points you want to redeem

5. Redeem successfully, copy the code, and use it when you checkout. Please note that there is no minimum spend limit.

6. If you don't know how to redeem, please contact us and we will help you redeem the points. Then we will offer the coupon code to you.