E-bike Laws and Regulations In Netherland

E-bike Laws and Regulations In Netherland

Whenever you think about investing your money, interest, and energy in buying something, never forget to do some prework. Yes! You read it right. Prework not only helps you select the best product out of the rest, but it also saves you from making bad investments. 

Are you living in Netherland and going to buy an electronic bicycle? You must know the ebike laws and regulations in Netherland first. Besides that, check for all the standing-out specs of your dream ebike to get a more fantastic experience. Don't worry, and we are going to do that for you. Here, we will offer an in-depth guide that caters to all such aspects. Let's crack it all!

If we talk about e-bikes, they are already best-selling vehicles in the United States. In the past, electric bicycles were inconvenient, bulky, and expensive machines with limited battery life. Slowly, the situation has changed now. Nowadays, e-bikes are more attractive, lighter, and powerful than ever. To drive one, you need not be physically fit. This hype makes people search for the legality of e-bikes and in-depth regulations worldwide. 

E-bike Laws and Regulations In Netherland 

Like every country, Netherland has also implemented some e-bike laws and regulations for maintaining legality in the country and public safety. As mentioned-below are the most important e-bike laws and regulations by Netherland Government that are worth paying attention to: 

Is it legal to have an electric bike in Netherland?

By the laws of March 25, 2016, electronic bicycles are considered lighter mopeds with speeds of no more than 25 kph in the Netherland. Moreover, there is no helmet requirement for these light vehicles. 

What is the age limit to own an electric bicycle in Netherland? 

Having an electronic bike is legal in Netherland, but you must be at least 16 years of age. 

Do I need a license to drive an ebike in Netherland?

Yes! It is mandatory to have a moped license to ride an e-bike in the country. 

Can I ride my electric bicycle freely wherever I want in Netherland?

Per current e-bike laws and regulations in Netherland, ride your smart ebike on the mandatory cycling paths.

Is there some law about the blue plate of an electric bike in the Netherland? 

Yes! The Netherland government is cautious about safe cycling in the country, and you must have a moped license plate or blue plate if you own an e-bike. 

What about the insurance of my electric bike in the Netherland?

If you have a high-speed e-bike in the Netherland, go for liability insurance. 

Ebike Laws in Netherland | Himiway

Himiway Bikes

Himiway, one of the top electric bike brands in the United States, was founded in 2017. The intimate trust of 50,000 users urges Himiway to improve its range of advanced and smart e-bike range. When it comes to an electric bike, the major flaw that most companies undergo is battery life. That is why Himiway has pride in reaching 43% higher than other e-bikes on the market. Simply put, a Himiway bike can reach up to 80 miles on a single charge. 

Why choose a Himiway e-bike?

Himiway electric bicycles come with a series of features uncommon in most other brands. Some of the most common ones are:

1.Battery Life: With one full charge, you can ride up to 96 to 128 km

2. Load Capacity: A Himiway electronic bicycle has a good load capacity, making it an ideal option for carrying heavy gear.

3. Fat tires: Kenda fat tires for e-bikes are built for any terrain

4. Others: 2-year warranty, free shipping, and 15-day return policy

Himiway e-bike specs

The reason thousands of people trust Himiway e-bicycles is the brand's reliability and the quality it provides. To cater to the needs of people with different e-bike goals, Himiway offers a top-notch range of electronic bicycles. If we describe the specs of Himiway Big Dog, they include:

  • 1. Battery 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery
  • 2. Range 60~100 km
  • 3. Hub Motor 250W brushless gear motor
  • 4. Total Payload Capacity 160 kg
  • 5. Recommended Rider Heights 159 ~ 190cm

Himiway e-bike accessories

Besides electronic bikes, you can also get many e-bike accessories from Himiway. Such accessories make your electric bike more functional and make your cycling a hell of fun. From the accessories category, you get repair tools, a bike cap, full fenders, and a rear rack for free right when you purchase a bike. For the rest of the accessories, you have to pay. 

The major categories of Himiway e-bike accessories include:

  • Himiway E-bike Hitch Rack
  • Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag
  • Bluetooth Bike Speaker
  • Short Sleeve Soft Novelty Cycling T-shirt
  • Bike Helmet
  • Travel eBike Trunk Bag Rear Rack Bag
  • Gears
  • Bags
  • Repairing Parts 
  • Cycling Outfits

What makes Himiway stand out from other competitors?

Besides the quality and features of the e-bikes, Himiway is reliable for various reasons. Firstly, it has very cooperative customer support that deals with customers efficiently. Second, the return, warranty, and refund policy make it more convenient for people to select the best product without worries. Furthermore, you can reserve a test ride better to analyze the riding experience with a Himiway e-bike. What else can you expect? 

Final Thoughts

Governments formulate and implement different laws and regulations to ensure the legality of the products and the public's safety. Abiding by such rules and regulations is the national responsibility of every citizen. Never allow your children to have an electric bike if they are too young for the age limits set by the government. In the same way, follow the speed limits and tracks. 

Himiway is a company that has come up with electric bikes that are convenient to have, stylish to see, and safer to ride. I hope this guide was helpful enough to decide on the best Himiway product for you and yours.